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AnaSonic Pinit Bladder Scanner PINIT - Portable Bladder Ultrasound Scanner, is dedicated for noninvasivebladder volume contentsmeas.. Product #: pinit based on 0 reviews Pre-Order
Brand: AnaSonic
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Bladder volume scanner

Volumetric and Diagnostic Professional Tool - tool4vol
Touch Screen

PINIT - Portable Bladder Ultrasound Scanner, is dedicated for noninvasivebladder volume contentsmeasurement, basic exams and urinary organs and tracts measurement

Most common medical fields:

  • urinary incontinence /PVR/
  • uroflowmetry (urodynamics) support
  • urinary retention /POUR, AUR, CUR/ 
  • urinary tract infections
and profits:
  • limitation of unnecessary catheterization
  • rates reduction of urinary tract infection
  • help in managing incontinence
  • enables wide-range diagnose and anatomic measurements of bladder, kidneys, prostate et
- kidneys and bladder exams  for infection/ inflammation absence confirmation (2D diagnostic mode)

- bladder filling confirmation and measurement - before and after uroflowmetry test

- communication to urodynamics  systems (see below).

Sophisticated and unique features:

  • bladder contents automatic estimated volume measurement - single-click + 2 sec. = result
  • semi automatic - multipoint/trace  contoured  volume measurement - unique and excellent method for often appeared "difficult cases" and small volume bladders
  • professional mod WYSIWYG: What You See Is What You Get - non-blindfold measurements (real-time pre-scan)
  • diagnostic scanning mode -  classical 2D-mode, for urology  (kidneys, bladder) and general abdominal exams
  • touch-screen operation, easy and convenient for measurement and control.

Used abbreviations:
PVR - Post Void Residual ; AUR - Acute Urinary Retention;CUR - Chronic Urinary RetentionPOUR - Post Operative Urinary Retention

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