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Ex-demo Abdominal USB ultrasound probe- Turn your laptop into an ultrasound Scanner USB Ultrasound Probe.. Product #: usb based on 0 reviews Regular price: $1,200.00 $1,200.00 In Stock
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SeeMore Point-of-Care USB Ultrasound Abdominal Imaging

• 24 cm scan depth, 2.5 - 5.0 MHz scan frequency

• General Purpose – Liver, Kidney, Aorta, Heart

• OB GYN – IUP, Position, Date, IUD position

• Urology – Bladder, PVR, POUR

• Trauma – FAST Exam, IVC

SeeMore™ Ultrasound Imaging Probes

Turn your laptop into an ultrasound machine!

Anywhere, Anytime — Plugs into the USB port of your laptop, tablet, or desktop.

Ultrasound Made Simple — Auto Scan mode.  Save, send, and print images.  Built in measurements, calculations, and patient reports.

Outstanding Image Quality — Fully digital B mode; 256 shades of gray scale. Real-time, 12 frames per second.


Affordable — A fraction of the cost of other ultrasound systems.

Reliable — Durable, impervious to dust and dirt.  Includes one year warranty. Optional extended warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Page Ultrasound Image Gallery Ultrasound Video Gallery Hand Held Ultrasound Comparison Chart View the embedded Video Help


Abdominal 99-5929  18 week fetus
Vascular Access 99-5930 Brachial 
Near Field Vascular 99-5934  Varicose Veins
General Purpose 99-5932 Kidney Diaphragm
Endo-Cavity 99-5931  Ovary - Sagittal

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